To me, websites are similar to taking a ride on a train, each page is another stop of the owner's thought process. Sometimes you go express and sometimes local, depending on the traffic and/or what your mission is and how much time you have to stay in your seat.  That being said, if you're on this train, I take it you want to know what Open & Shutter is all about.  Let me start by introducing myself.  My name is Nicholas Accettura and Open & Shutter is a place where I will open myself up to the world by leaving my ideas to do their thing.  What you'll be seeing and hearing, if you so choose to peruse the full site, are years of various works ranging from photography, photo manipulation, literature, original music, t-shirt designs, etc (some of which will be appearing in time) . Photography is the Shutter portion and I leave the rest Open to other facets and interpretation.  As of right now there is only photography, but as the days, months, years, etc progress, I will be laying more trackwork to reach the other destinations. Some of what you see/hear will be for sale others will just stick around as eye/skull candy. So, welcome aboard and enjoy the ride!  Feel free to leave any criticisms, suggestions, etc.